Telephone lines that run their tangled paths, connect us in no time 
Let us talk and stalk and feel that we’re together all the time 
you may think then that you’ll never be alone 
Put the phone down and look around 
Is anybody home? 

Are you just talking to yourself? 
Listening to your own echo, hearing the sound of your own voice 
Or is there something else? 
A connection across an unknown space, do you know your place? 

You find yourself pacing and considering spacing between dots that mark the ellipses in your mind 
Your thoughts are racing onto topics of conversation 
That you never brought up while directly facing me 
For so much time, fine 

(repeat chorus lyrics, thru bridge) 

Dialing and waiting, holding on 
Bated breath and hating every second that passes too far away from you 
It’s so frustrating, the illusory choice that you’re creating 
You sound so near but it’s completely clear that there’s nothing I can do