Got my suit, got my lance 
Got my wits — I mean, programs 
Got myself in a fight 
With a foe larger than life 

Got my steed, but she’s too scared 
Got to lead — am I prepared? 
Laser beam, sight unseen 
What remains: one robot’s dream 

Fire breath, nothing left 
of the heroes who came before 
Scales, spiked tail 
But I won’t fail 
Dragons no more, no more, no more 

Path pursued, all uphill 
Luckily I’ve got no free will 
I just do what one command 
Told me to, you wouldn’t understand. 

Broken drives, battle scars 
Still I strive, ever far 
Upgrade found, safe install 
Gotta break down your firewall 

(repeat chorus) 

Armor unblockable, achievement unlockable 
Take down the dragon race, starting with you 
Increase my download speed, upgrade my dying need 
Taking you down if it’s the last thing I do 

Extermination, gonna take you take you down 
Extermination, gonna take you take you down!